According to the Manufacturing Institute, when there’s a lack of skilled talent, the effect is felt throughout an organization, including quality, cost of overtime labor, downtime in production and labor cycles and overall customer satisfaction

What this whitepaper will teach you

We’ll explore the importance and role of eLearning in manufacturing, as well as ways challenges can be addressed.

The 5 most important tips

  • How to ensure all coursework is designed to be accessible even to someone who isn’t technologically savvy

  • How to unite team members from a variety of locations in order to ensure they’re being introduced to and held to the same constant standards

  • How to overcome language barriers, often a key challenge in training and educating employees within the manufacturing sector

  • How to utilize sequential learning to ensure compliance with safety standards

  • Manufacturing tends to a very hands-on environment, and learning can be best facilitated through interactive elements, videos, images and flash content.

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