Scenario: How can I download the Complete User Activity Report?


Hello and welcome to eLeaP. Today, we’ll explore how to access the Complete User Activity Report. Start by navigating to the ‘Users’ tab and click on ‘Export User Activity.’ This report is dynamic and can be regenerated to reflect the most current data.

To regenerate the report, click on ‘Regenerate’ and then choose your desired date range. You can opt for preset ranges or specify a custom range. For instance, if you want to review data from last year to this year, simply set that range, hit ‘Generate,’ and the system will begin processing your request.

It’s important to allow the generation process to complete without interruption. Once the report is ready, you’ll receive an email notification. The report’s format, CSV or Excel, depends on the data volume. Larger datasets will be in CSV format, while smaller ones can be accommodated in an Excel file.

This Complete User Activity Report is invaluable for gaining comprehensive insights into user interactions within your eLeaP environment over specified periods.

If you have any questions about generating this report or using other eLeaP features, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.