Microsoft Word 2013 Training

Even if you’re already using the Microsoft® Word software, you’ll find that the program goes much deeper with lots of amazing features. Word 2013 is a word processing program designed to help you create professional-quality documents such as letters, resumes, invitations, term papers, flyers, and even books. With the best document formatting tools, the Word software helps you organize and write your documents more efficiently.


If you’re a beginner, you’ll learn essential skills everyone in the computer age should know. If you’re already familiar with the program, you’ll learn some amazing things you never knew it could do to make your document creation faster, better looking, better written, and error free.Training 10 or more employees? Get employer discounts here.




Module 1: Word Essentials, Formatting and Lists


* Introduction to the Word 2013 Interface (The Ribbon, The Backstage View & The Quick Access Toolbar)

* Basic Page Setup

* Creating a new document

* Entering and editing text

* Navigation techniques in a document

* Keyboard shortcuts

* Basic and Advanced techniques for selecting text

* Saving and closing documents

* Getting help in Word

* Moving and Copying text

* Using the Live Preview feature to preview formatting

* Formatting text in a document

* Formatting paragraphs including spacing and indentation

* Creating bulleted and numbered lists

* Introduction to Document Themes

* Creating and saving a custom Theme


Module 2: Page Setup Techniques, Proofing & Printing

* Zooming in and out of a document

* Inserting Headers & Footers

* Working with document margins

* Creating columns

* Working with page & section breaks

* Inserting a cover page from the Cover Page gallery

* Using proofing tools (Spell/Grammar Check, Thesaurus)

* Using & customizing the AutoCorrect features

* Finding and replacing text within the Navigation Pane

* Using and creating templates

* Creating individual envelopes and labels

* Printing your documents

* Using the Page Setup area of the Backstage View

* Sending Word documents as e-mail


Module 3: Tables, Tabs & Styles

* Setting tabs in a document

* Creating tables in a document

* Formatting tables

* Sorting and Calculating table data

* “Drawing” tables in Word

* Applying and displaying text & paragraph styles

* Creating a custom style

* Modify and delete a style

* Using heading styles to create document outlines


Module 4: Inserting & Controlling Graphic & Drawing Objects

* Working with Online Pictures

* Inserting Pictures

* Using layout guides

* Applying Picture Styles

* Using the Drawing Tools

* Managing text and graphics

* Inserting online video

* Writing equations and inserting mathematical symbols

* Preparing a document for mail merge

* Creating data sources for mail merge

* Using existing data sources for mail merge

* Merging data with a document

* Sorting and filtering during a mail merge

* Creating envelopes and labels with mail merge


Module 5: Forms & Tracking Changes, Inserting Document References

* Displaying the Developer Ribbon

* Designing a form

* Working with form fields

* Using different versions of a document

* Using highlights and comments in a document

* Tracking changes in a document

* Protecting documents

* Creating a table of contents

* Using footnotes and endnotes

* Creating and Using bookmarks

* Inserting citations and bibliographies

* Creating an index


Module 6: Introduction to Macros and Customizing Toolbars, Linking Within and Outside of Word

* Editing a macro

* Creating buttons to run macros

* Customizing the Ribbon

* Creating hyperlinks within a Word document

* Inserting objects and files into Word

* Save Word document as a Web page

* Converting Word Documents to .PDF & Editing .PDF’s in Word

* Introduction to OneDrive

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