Training and Development

Training and development simply have an outsized impact on business bottom-line. Skimp on training and development and pay the ultimate price. Invest in training and development and reap the benefits.

Exploring the “Train-the-Trainer Model:” The What, Why and Hows

The Concept of Train-the-Trainer

Train-the-Trainer is a model used to describe, much as the name would imply, training potential instructors or less experienced instructors, on the best ways to deliver training materials to others. Continue reading

Promoting Diversity in the Face of Tradition

This year’s Academy Award season has been marked by more than excitement about which of the year’s films will end up receiving one of cinema’s highest honors. Indeed, debates about whether or not Brooklyn is more deserving than Spotlight or Matt Damon is more deserving than Leonardo DiCaprio have been eclipsed by debates about the history, structure and current mandate of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences itself and more notably, the make up of the institution’s voting membership, which remains largely White. While there are many Continue reading

Are Wellness Programs Good for Business?

Today, businesses large and small are embracing workplace wellness programs in an effort to lower healthcare costs and raise productivity and workplace morale. While the technology sector was an early adopter—with many companies offering on-site gyms and organic juice bars decades ago—today, wellness is finding a home in a growing range of workplaces, even those that have traditional eschewed gym culture and non-GMO campaigns. But can morning yoga classes and on-site cafés offering gluten-free sandwiches really help one’s bottom line? This post examines the workplace wellness trend, its connection to workplace training and the promised ROI. Continue reading

How to design a modern, innovative workplace for productivity and wellbeing

Office design has become an essential part of talent management strategies. With a modern innovative workplace design, employees tend to be more productive, show more initiative, and have better overall health and well being. Modern office designs also have a positive impact on visitors, including partners, vendors, and clients.

Continue reading

Training in the Age of Virtual Simulation

In November, JetBlue announced that it would break away from historical practices in the American airline industry and begin a new in-house training program for pilots. In short, the budget airline announced that it planned to start recruiting potential pilots with no previous flight experience with the goal of training them from the ground up. The program, in many respects, is not unique. Indeed, it resembles the model used Continue reading

Active Shooter Incidents in the Workplace

Following the San Bernardino shootings in early December, many workplaces increased security and started to take a long, hard look at their existing preparation for an active shooter incident. While no one wants to prepare for such an incident, being prepared has proven a valuable strategy for preventing active shooter incidents, ending them as quickly as possible, and ultimately saving lives. Indeed, this is precisely why school boards across the nation require students to engage in lockdown drills at least once a year to prepare for such worst-case scenarios. Continue reading

MLK Day: Time to Reflect on Race Relations in the Workplace

2015 was both a tumultuous and inspiring year for race relations in the United States. Not since the days of Martin Luther King Jr. has the nation witnessed such high levels of racial unrest nor such mass displays of collective activism and hope for a more equitable future. While much of the activism linked to the Black Lives Matter movement has focused on living conditions and policing concerns in urban communities, race relations in the workplace are by no means exempt from the issues the movement seeks to put on the table. Continue reading

Hazard Communication Standards: Training Essentials

While the Hazardous Material Program (HazMat) is well known, fewer employers and employees are familiar with the Hazard Communication Program (HazCom). However, both HazMat and HazCom play a vital role in protecting workers against the dangers of hazardous chemicals in the workplace. The primary focus of HazCom is to ensure that all employees have access to information about the chemicals they encounter in the workplace on a regular basis. The program, supported by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) of the US Department of Labor, primarily aims to ensure that chemical manufacturers properly label their Continue reading

Food Safety Training Part Two: Training Restaurant Employees for Food Safety

The CDC reports there are 48 million cases of foodborne illness in the U.S. each year, leading to an estimated 3,000 deaths. The CDC goes on to say the majority of these illnesses are the result of poor handling practices, with the biggest issues being time-temperature problems, cross-contamination, and sub-par personal hygiene. Continue reading