The Future of Storytelling

Later this week, thousands of people will descend upon a six-story building in Upper Manhattan to explore the future of the storytelling at FoST Fest. For $75, participants will get three hours of future storytelling experience. So what is the future of storytelling? You can join a flock of birds on a journey, change your gender, or plunge yourself into a violent protest. Sound like fun? Maybe or maybe not. What’s clear is that the potential applications for training and education are tremendous. Continue reading

Top 8 Benefits of Serious Games

While more than half of American adults now play games on a regular basis (and this holds true for men and women), there are still many cynics. After all, games are still more likely to conjure up images of hyperactive preteen boys wasting hours of their time on front of screens than adults engage in serious work. Nevertheless, there is ample reason to embrace gaming as a serious way to gain new skills. Indeed, today, serious games are rapidly becoming one of the training sector’s most powerful tools. Today’s post outlines why gaming and training increasingly are practices seen to go hand in hand. Continue reading

Something new: eLearning Inside’s first newsletter release

Welcome to the first eLearning Inside newsletter. It is so exciting to begin this journey with you. We will be dropping in every week to deliver specially curated and thoughtfully researched eLearning news straight to your inbox. Now the news that is important to you will be right at your fingertips. Continue reading

Develop Remote Work Skills with eLearning

In 2016, a growing number of organizations, both large and small, are comprised of workers spread out across the nation and even around the world. With the recent take off of work platforms, such as Upwork, even small business owners now frequently rely on the skilled labor of workers based in other cities, nations and even on other continents. While there is much to gain from working with a remote workforce, it also raises new training challenges. After all, how does one train a remote workforce and with what tools? Continue reading

Why 3D Games are Finally Gaining Traction

Despite the fact that gamers generally agree that 3D games failed, 3D games are now picking up traction on both the education and training fronts. But why is a gaming innovation generally rejected by hardcore gamers finding a second life with trainers and educators? Today’s post offers an introduction to 3D games and examines what experts in the training and development and education sectors are saying about their potential applications and benefits for learners of all ages.

Continue reading

The High Cost of Poor Customer Service

Poor customer interactions always come at a cost. While losing one customer may not be devastating to an organization, a class action lawsuit for discrimination can be. The challenge is how to avoid situations that can come back to negatively impact an organization. While the art of great customer service is something that can take time to develop, there is no question that training is a key part of avoiding minor and major Continue reading

Update on VR’s Education/Training Applications

Over the past twenty-four months, eLeap has reported on the many ways that virtual reality (VR) promises to transform education and training now and in the near future. Among other applications, VR promises to put learners into situations that would otherwise remain inaccessible (let’s say, Ancient Greece) or too dangerous  to replicate (let’s say, a Ebola outbreak). But what is the current status of VR?  Continue reading

Harvest Season: Time for Farm Safety Training

Few people give much thought to farm safety, because to most people, farm work seems invariably safe. In reality, however, farmers and farmhands face myriad of on-the-job hazards from open and moving equipment to toxic chemicals. And harvest season, when many farmers and farmhands are working from sunup to sundown to bring in crops, is one of the most dangerous times of year. In addition, when it comes to injuries and deaths, in the agricultural sector, the average age of victims of striking. Many kids growing up on farms start working alongside their family members while still in elementary school. They also tend to be more vulnerable to farm accidents—some statistics suggest that minors account for up to 20% of farm injury victims. With the proper training, however, most farm accidents can be avoided. Continue reading

Top 10 Safety Courses – Safety Matters

Workplace safety is a big deal. Ignore it at your own peril. In 2014, 3 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported, and 4,679 workers were killed on the job. The National Safety Council reports that someone is injured on the job every six seconds. These injuries and illnesses are no laughing matter – they cost American businesses $250 billion each year in medical expenses and lost productivity. With all this in mind, we have assembled the top 10 safety courses requested by our customers. You can even preview one or two of them. Continue reading

Top Challenges Facing Small Business Owners

Running a small business can be the most liberating experience in the world. Whether you’re a one-man or one-woman operation, a family business, or an energetic young start-up spearheaded by a group of friends, small business life has much to offer and many rewards both in terms of professional growth and on the financial front. But this doesn’t mean running a small business is easy. Small business owners also face many challenges unique to the scale of their enterprises from founder and client dependence to cash flow issues to fatigue to growth management issues. Continue reading