LMS Must-Have #1: Robust Assessment and Feedback Options

Whether you already have an LMS, need to get one, or are looking to switch to a new one, there are many different features that must be carefully considered. One that is all too often overlooked is the importance of assessment and feedback. In this article, assessment refers to evaluating the progress and achievements of the learners, while feedback refers to learners’ evaluation of the course content and delivery. Both are essential if you want your eLearning efforts to deliver superior results. Continue reading

The Role of Training in Providing Value-Based Healthcare

Undoubtedly the healthcare industry as a whole has undergone significant changes and transformations in the past decade, from the number of patients seeking treatment to the type of treatments available, and of course there have also been shifts in how insurance has handled. Continue reading

A Look at Why P&G Earns Consistently High Marks for Leadership Development

Proctor & Gamble, also more commonly known as P&G, isn’t just a global powerhouse—it’s a company consistently recognized for the ability to develop leaders from within. Get smart and help your employees become leaders in your organization.  Continue reading

Certain Industries Putting Spotlight on Importance of Foreign Language Training

Employees within the IT industry are generally very skilled, talented and in-demand, but they also tend to be diverse in their backgrounds and from varying countries and continents around the globe. Get smart and learn the importance of foreign language training.  Continue reading

Hospitality Meets the Hospital: Training Healthcare Employees on Customer Service

We just covered a game-changing concept in the healthcare industry – Value-Based Healthcare. This concept relies on the idea that healthcare providers and organizations must work to create a patient-centric experience where the goal isn’t primarily lowering the costs of healthcare, but instead the ability to integrate communication and patient engagement to create the best possible experience. Get smart and learn tips to improve your costumer service in the healthcare field. Continue reading

Don’t Let Your eLearning Get Stuck in the Past: Tips for Modernizing Content

If you’ve ever been in the situation where you’ve been forced to watch a training video that was clearly made at least a decade or more before you’re seeing it, you understand the impact of outdated material. Continue reading

When mLearning is Best and How to Deploy It

Mobile learning, also referred to as mLearning, is taking center stage as one of the preeminent ways to provide training and development in a corporate environment. With the pervasiveness of mobile phones and tablets, it’s actually not just preferred – it’s often the only way employees are willing or able to complete training. Continue reading

Must-Dos for More Interactive eLearning

The psychology of the human mind lets us know that interactivity is one of the most important aspects of engaging learning. When our brains are actively working during the training and learning process we’re going to be able to not only comprehend but, retain information much more effectively. Continue reading