Retraining vs. Firing: Which is more beneficial for your organization

When you’re heading up a business and you see a problem, or you’re simply not getting the profits you’d like to, the first inclination can often be to fire someone—or many someones.

What’s important to remember is that firing may not always be the best option—not just from an emotional standpoint, but also from a financial perspective.

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Facing a Manufacturing Skills Gap? Consider Reskilling Current Employees

You’ll often hear tales of how the manufacturing industry in the U.S. is dead, yet there is a simultaneous message that the manufacturing industry simply can’t find the employees it needs; employees with the skills required to thrive.

So which is it?

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Bridging the Gap: How to Train Remote Employees

Remote work environments are becoming more common than ever. According to estimates from professional organizations like the Society for Human Resources Management, anywhere from about 30 to 45 percent of many companies’ employees work remotely, at least occasionally. Continue reading

Is Responsive Design Right for Your eLearning?

Oh, boy…another one of those eLearning buzzwords to contend with: responsive design. It’s a term that’s on many people’s minds, whether they’re course designers or eLearning professionals of any sort, but if you’re fairly new to the world of learning management systems (LMS), and you’re considering incorporating it into your business-based training and development, how do you know whether or not you should be using responsive design, and if you do, what’s the best way to do that? For one thing, you can get trained using Articulate Storyline. Continue reading

The Value of Effective Onboarding and How to Incorporate It Into Your eLearning

Onboarding is really a broad term that encompasses so much of what employees need to know when they become part of an organization. It’s the knowledge and skills, yes, but it also speaks heavily to the corporate culture and socialization required for an employee to become a valued part of a company. Continue reading

Overcoming eLearning Hurdles for Small Business – Small Business Skills Training

If you’re a small business owner focusing on the day-to-day operations of your business, eLearning may seem like one of those distant, abstract concepts used by major companies like DuPont, and even governmental organizations like the Centers for Disease Control.

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It’s All About the Imagery: Tips and How-To’s For Including Images in Your eLearning

When you’re designing multimedia learning content, you’ll find imagery becomes extremely important, but as with writing content and developing videos, the images and graphics you use should be done so in a way that’s smart and that’s going to increase the overall effectiveness of your content. 

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The When and How of Building a Branching Scenario

Branching scenarios are a highly effective component of many learning management systems (LMS), but we have found there are some common questions about building branching scenarios. How to know when they’re appropriate to use and how to get started building one that works?

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Top 5 Tips for Creating Your Next eLearning Script

For many people in a corporation or organization, particularly those charged with creating multimedia learning content for training and development, writing may not be a talent. Writing can in fact be a daunting task for people who don’t specialize in doing so, yet creating meaningful learning management system (LMS) content relies on the quality of writing. Continue reading