Maximize Your Training By Aligning It With Strategic Business Goals

The Brandon Hall Group, a research and analysis firm that focuses on the areas of talent management, leadership development, learning and development, talent acquisition and human resources, conducted some interesting research which they compiled in their recently released study, “Brandon Hall Group’s Learning & Development Benchmarking Study.” Continue reading

Focusing on Training Healthcare Providers Through eLearning

If you read our new article about Ebola, and more specifically how the nurses at Texas Health Presbyterian hospital are telling officials they had no training on the disease when they were left to care for the Liberian man who became ill with the disease, you’ve seen how more training was completely necessary and eLearning could have been the proper route to deliver that training.

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eLearning Plays a Significant Role in Today’s Global Health Landscape

Ebola is something that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongues right now. What started as an epidemic in West Africa has now become an alarming outbreak that has come to the U.S.

As America’s healthcare workers are claiming a lack of training on the proper protocols and handling of Ebola, we have to look toward other global organizations and how they’ve implemented safety and medical training to their own teams who are in the hot zones, primarily in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Continue reading

The eLearning Landscape for 2015

Multimedia learning is all about technology, and it’s an industry that’s continuously making strides forward, whether it’s in the delivery of education to students in remote corners of the world, or new methods corporate trainers can utilize for a more productive workforce. Continue reading

Is Your Training Outdated? Take a Look at These Signs to See If Your Organization Needs a Training Revamp

Are your employees struggling to remain engaged in the workplace?

Do people in your organization dread having to undergo training?

Do you see the need to constantly retrain employees on the same concepts over and over again?

Are customers unresponsive to the tactics used by your sales or customer service team?

Are there accidents or missteps occurring on the manufacturing floor? Continue reading

How to Humanize Your Training Materials

Perhaps one of the biggest pitfalls made during the creation of corporate and business-related training materials is the lack of a human element.

When you’re writing the script or developing the content for your eLearning material, you may go on auto-pilot and simply write as if you’re a computer.

Unfortunately, that tendency to forget you’re creating content for real people is also possibly what’s sabotaging the effectiveness of your training. Continue reading

Storyboarding mistakes and how to avoid them

Storyboarding, for people experienced with eLearning and course design, can be an extremely simple way to ensure you’re getting great quality training and maximum effectiveness. Unfortunately, not every corporate trainer is experienced with eLearning, so here’s what you should know, whether you’re a novice or simply want to refresh your training efforts.

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