Turn eLearning Into a Profit

Does your company use eLearning as a way to train employees internally? If so, it’s something you’re already familiar with but you may not be familiar with a growing trend – utilizing multimedia learning courses as an opportunity to not just build your brand but also sell a product to customers. Continue reading

Get Into the Holiday Swing with These 7 Tips for Training Your Seasonal Hires

As we’re now in the midst of November you may be finding yourself scrambling to hire seasonal and temporary employees to help with the holiday hustle and bustle. Once you’ve hired them, the question then becomes how to train them. Continue reading

Options Overload? What to Ask To Choose the Right Learning Management System

Learning management systems – just the phrase can be overwhelming if you’ve been searching for the right LMS for your company. The options are immense, so how do you know which one is going to be best suited to your training goals, your employees and your company overall? Continue reading

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Learning – Which Will Work For Your Organization?

The title of this post may have your head spinning – perhaps you’re new to utilizing eLearning for your corporate training and you haven’t even heard of synchronous or asynchronous learning, or it’s something you’re only vaguely familiar with, but ultimately these are two of the primary learning styles that are going to guide corporate training and eLearning in general. Continue reading

What To Know When It’s Time to Move from Instructor-Led training to eLearning

Congratulations – you’ve convinced key stakeholders and organizational leaders that it’s time to move from traditional classroom and instructor-led training to innovative, creative and scalable eLearning. Now the question becomes how to make the leap from one format to another. Continue reading

Quality and Performance Metrics in Manufacturing Can Help Guide Training

Training and development is important across all industries, and in no industry does that hold more true than in manufacturing. In the manufacturing industry, proper training and development for employees and even managers is absolutely vital to ensure efficiency, productivity, a reduction in overall errors, a top-quality produce and it’s even required to prevent accidents or death from occurring in the workplace.

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