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Recognizing a Bad Boss and the Impact on an Entire Organization

A “bad boss” isn’t entirely uncommon, although the traditional idea of a bad boss is less frequently seen in today’s workplaces, particularly as compared to past decades when it was almost a necessity a boss be seen as harsh, unyielding and even bullying.

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How to design a modern, innovative workplace for productivity and wellbeing

Office design has become an essential part of talent management strategies. With a good workplace design, employees tend to be more productive, show more initiative, and have better overall health and well being. Modern office designs also have a positive impact on visitors, including partners, vendors and clients.

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Are these mistakes ruining your sexual harassment training?

The Importance of Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment training has such a negative connotation in the corporate world. It’s seen as outdated, unnecessary, ineffective and in some cases just plain offensive, but it’s also a necessity in today’s environment.

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Exploring Synchronous and Asynchronous e-Learning and How to Decide on an Approach

Synchronous and asynchronous: two seemingly complicated words. So, what exactly do they mean and how can you decide on an approach that’s going to allow you to most effectively deliver training to employees? Continue reading

Exploring the Gig Economy and How It Impacts Employee Training

Amazon recently made what many view as an exciting announcement. The mega e-Commerce retailer is delving into what’s being dubbed the gig economy with a new delivery option. Amazon unveiled its program in Seattle, where independent contractors are becoming on-demand delivery people. Continue reading

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Learning – Which Will Work For Your Organization?

The title of this post may have your head spinning – perhaps you’re new to utilizing eLearning for your corporate training and you haven’t even heard of synchronous or asynchronous learning, or it’s something you’re only vaguely familiar with, but ultimately these are two of the primary learning styles that are going to guide corporate training and eLearning in general. Continue reading