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How to Develop a Successful On-the-Job Training Program

Younger employees are entering the workplace. Employees require new skills and desire career growth opportunities. Lack of employee engagement is costing organizations billions in lost revenue. Enter on-the-job-training programs. Employee learning and training programs engage employees, provide learning and growth opportunities, and encourage loyalty and productivity among employees.

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Is Team Building Worthwhile?

Team building often gets a bad rap. As soon as people hear that team building activities are going to take place, groans, grumbling, and eye rolls flood through the workplace. But is team building all bad? Is it worthwhile? Does team building add to retention and productivity? Does it make employees happier and more engaged?

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7 Microlearning Myths Dispelled

Microlearning is buzzing around like it’s the new kid on the learning and development block. But is microlearning new? What qualifies as microlearning? Is it only for millennials? Does it replace all other styles of learning? In a 2017 survey by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), out of almost 600 talent development professionals surveyed, 38 percent used microlearning and an additional 41 percent planned to implement it within the next year.  Although microlearning is becoming more popular as a method of delivering education and training, confusion surrounds this method.

Read on to discover seven microlearning myths dispelled.

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10 Tricky Interview Questions and How to Respond

A considerable shift is occurring in the job placement market. By 2025, 75 percent of the global workforce will consist of millennials. Thirty percent of the global workers are actively looking for a new job. Seventy-four percent of workers in 2016 were open to making a job move. From 2014-2024, almost 10 million jobs will be created.

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