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Sexual Harassment 101: Do you know the compliance requirements in your state?

Prevent costly sexual harassment lawsuits in your organization and meet compliance by learning how to recognize discriminatory behavior in yourself and those you manage. Various scenarios in our harassment prevention videos uncover how managers and employees may unwittingly display biased and inappropriate behavior in the eyes of the law. Preview video.

Supervisors in California are required to take two hours of sexual harassment training every two years. eLeaP has 4 new courses for the state of California, that fulfills the manager requirement for sexual harassment training in California. Check out a preview here of Part 1 detailing Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Environment harassment – the two types of sexual harassment.

Managers should ensure their employees feel safe and respected in the workplace. All four courses should be completed for managers to meet California’s sexual harassment requirements.


Harassment Training Still Needs to be a Priority, Even in the #MeToo Era

More than a year after the #MeToo movement got started, there are those who are thinking to themselves, “Well, it’s nice to know that the whole sexual harassment situation is now taken care of.” But that kind of thinking is a huge mistake. Social media movements can be surprisingly fickle, and all too often fade from the media spotlight and peter out entirely. The good news is that it’s not too late to keep the energy of the #MeToo movement going by consciously building on it and extending it with real action in workplaces across the nation and the world, including harassment training.

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