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Delivering Engaging Presentations

Maybe you have mastered your fear of public speaking and have managed to focus on all the key points you want to deliver to your audience. Unfortunately, this alone doesn’t ensure you will keep them captivated. Learn how to create visually engaging presentations and structure them in a way that keeps your team members curious by giving reminders throughout, summarizing key points and telling your story in a relatable way. Preview video. Continue reading

Better Presentations in 5 Steps

Everyone has sat through a less-than-engaging presentation by someone in their company. All too often it consists of a PowerPoint presentation packed with way too much information and delivered without enthusiasm. By contrast, there have been 35 years of incredible TED Talks, and if you take some time to watch a bunch of those, you’ll discover all kinds of ways to improve presentations at your company. And let’s face it, corporate America could definitely be making more of an impact. Here’s what makes for better presentations by anyone and everyone. Continue reading