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Hiring Interviews: Avoid Asking These Unacceptable Questions

When it’s time to hire new talent for your company’s learning and training team, does the person or committee in charge know what they can and cannot ask during hiring interviews? All too often, companies just assume that the manager within the department knows everything they need to know about hiring. In reality, that is rarely the case. One area where this becomes glaringly obvious is the candidate interview. It’s surprising how often questions are asked during interviews that not only shouldn’t be asked, but are even illegal to ask. This means there can be very real consequences for your company if you’re not careful (as in an expensive discrimination lawsuit). This article serves as a “cheat-sheet” concerning what not to ask during hiring interviews.

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Hiring Trends to Take into 2019 and Beyond

Human resources, like every other field, is susceptible to changes and trends. While hiring trends in the past were geared more towards attracting top talent, current trends are focusing more on efficiency in the hiring process, driven in part by technological advancements. As recruiters and hiring managers find new ways to redistribute the more tedious and time-consuming aspects of finding and hiring new talent, they will be able to focus more on strategy. Continue reading