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The eLeaP training platform has streamlined our processes, reduced costs, and provided our users with a comprehensible learning system. I was able to configure and launch this SaaS based LMS within weeks, using SCORM to effectively track user progress with built in reports. Thanks to the entire staff at eLeaP, your support and response time is exceptional.

Amy Hitchman Training Manager, Host Analytics.

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Success Stories - California Electrical Training, Inc.

California Electrical Training, Inc. (CET) is a pioneering institution in its field. It is one of only two institutions in the state to offer online courses that are approved by the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards. This forward thinking business strategy has been rewarded handsomely. Since introducing its online offerings, California Electrical Training has seen a dramatic increase in business and a dramatic reduction in course-development costs.

• Create online training courses to encourage increased enrollment
• System must provide ease of use for course developers and for trainees
• System must accommodate course content with complex graphics and video files
• System must be highly cost-effective and include strong customer service and support

California Electrical Training, Inc. turned to eLeaP, Telania’s secure, web-based LMS. eLeaP’s Course Content Creator Pro made developing and implementing graphics and video-rich courses a simple copy and paste operation.

• California Electrical Training, Inc. saw a rapid 300% increase in business.
• Course development costs dropped by $6000 per course
• California Electrical Training, Inc. is now able to market its courses statewide without any increase in its marketing budget

“Utilizing eLeaP has increased our business by 300%.”

--Jack Yapp, President, California Electrical Training, Inc.

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